Yemeni Coffee Under the Lens and Potentials for Economic Growth

“Mocha”, the popular name of Yemeni coffee that brings history of uniqueness and fame. Named after Mocha port that launched trading one of world’s most important agriculture products globally. Although Yemeni coffee has a high market price, most of Yemeni coffee farmers are among the poor segment of the society. Despite the efforts of national and international aid donors and government over the years to support the Yemeni coffee value chain, the field of coffee agriculture is still facing many problems including lost value and low quality in many areas.

How can efforts be managed to promote the sustainable recovery of this essential sector to promote Yemen’s economy and alleviate the living conditions of Yemeni coffee farmers? Are Yemeni coffee’s glory days coming back? Although some of Yemen’s coffees are prized around the world and receive among the highest prices in the marketplace,  still very little attention is given to this sector locally.

An ongoing value chain study on Yemeni Coffee

The results will be of great importance to decision makers and aid donors.

ADVISAL is conducting research to address the coffee value chain involving the relevant stakeholders including MAI and government institutions, research centers, UN agencies, and NGOs.

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