ADVISAL is Measuring COVID 19 Vaccine Acceptance by Yemenis

With the arrival of the COVID 19 vaccine to different countries, vaccine hesitancy rates were reported in Jordan and Kuwait, among other Arab countries. At the same time, Yemen remains vague without insights on the vaccine’s acceptance by the community once it arrived. The Yemeni internationally recognized government (IRG) has submitted a request for the COVAX initiative to cover the initial needs of twenty-three percent of the Yemeni population, which is about 14 million doses of COVID 19 vaccines. The government announced earlier that the first batch will arrive in April or May 2021. Social media users have been sharing a 28-minute video online in which a multitude of doctors make various claims about the global COVID 19 pandemic and affected the beliefs of many people globally. These videos have been blocked from YouTube and other channels and considered as misleading. How would Yemeni communities deal with the new COVID 19 vaccine, and will they be willing to take it? If not, why?
Please participate in the survey and have a say in this study and receive the results.

ADVISAL is conducting a survey to measure community acceptance of COVID 19 vaccine in Yemen. The survey aims to identify the different variables affecting people’s acceptance or hesitancy towards COVID 19 vaccine and disseminate and the reasons behind potential hesitancy. The survey will also

The results of this survey will be posted in April 2021 in the website.

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