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      • Reaching Remote Areas in Field Data Collection

        Interviewing farmers from Al Hudaydah governorate to measure the impact of ADRA SAL project. ADVISAL provides constructive recommendations by identifying critical lessons to inform future programing decisions.

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      • Assessing Support Provided to Yemeni Farmers in Different Fields

        Evaluating the impact of agriculture support interventions to enhance local farmers' productivity according to the evaluation criteria of inclusiveness, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, and impact.

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      • Focus Group Discussions with Beneficiaries

        ADVISAL conducts FGDs to triangulate quantitative data in addition to elaborating on  indicators and parameters designed for quantitative surveys. 

      • Assessing Improvement of Targeted Communities' Livelihoods and Resilience

        Our experts are experienced in assessing livelihoods and resilience of communities using different indicators including Sustainable Livelihoods Framework (SLF), Resilience Index Measurement and Analysis (RIMA), and others.

      • Considering Rural Women's Views in Surveys is Crucial

        Interviewing female-headed household as part of endline evaluation in Al Hudaydah governorate.ADVISAL applies a scientific approach in designing research methodologies and field data collection ensuring representativeness and inclusion in sampling.

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        WHO WE ARE

        Quality-oriented Consultancy firm

        ADVISAL is an authorized company comprised of highly experienced local Yemeni experts in research, monitoring and evaluation, providing a wide range of consultancy services with a deep understanding of the local Yemeni contexts. ADVISAL aims to promote positive change and community development by providing professional consultancy services to our clients and conducting problem-oriented research to assess the needs and evaluate the humanitarian and development interventions and their impact on the humanitarian crisis and sustainable development in Yemen.​

        Well known for our strengths-based approaches and whole-systems perspective, we serve national and international organizations, non-profits, and for-profit businesses through customized services that support learning and enhance performance excellence.

        Presence in governorates

        ADVISAL Team

        ADVISAL is an umbrella of experienced and skilled local and international experts and professionals in multiple fields who have worked with aid agencies, donors, and NGOs in different countries. We ensure that our outputs are cross-checked by a number of team members as required to each research or study.

        Experienced and Skilled Team

        ADVISAL applies advanced approaches in training potential field researchers and enumerators. Capacity building of our field teams is conducted through extensive courses focusing on key data collection skills, techniques, and tools. All researchers and field surveyors are tested before conducting field research.

        Advanced Technology

        At ADVASAL, we use innovative digital data collection technologies to ensure monitoring and control of the real-time data flow and ensure data quality is maintained through specific procedures and verification processes. We use a number of online/offline data collection tools and platforms that are both easy to use by our team, and accurate in delivering high-quality datasets.

        Protocols and SOPs

        In conducting research or surveys, ADVISAL team respects participants' rights, interests, and dignity regardless of religious beliefs, gender, ability, age, orientation, language, or political affiliation. Consent from participants is a must prior to engaging in research or surveys. One crucial step in our SOPs is training field surveyors and researchers to protect participants from any harm which might occur as a consequence of the research, physical, psychological, or otherwise. Ensuring and preserving anonymity is paramount.

        HOW WE WORK

        We apply a highly collaborative approach with our clients encouraging the use of our outputs and data into program design, learning, and knowledge management. We support our clients to enhance policy and program design and improve project performance.


        Gender Mainstreaming

        We ensure access to female to respondents and households by maintaining a 50% percentage of male to female enumerators in our surveys treating the traditions and gender norms of each location separately. ADVISAL has a gender policy that ensures mainstreaming gender aspects in all the stages of our researches and consultancies. 

        Cost Effectiveness

        At ADVISAL, we ensure cost-effectiveness by identifying the economically most efficient ways to fulfill the required objectives of our clients. We use our team’s experience and ADVISAL’s history of consultancies to offer competitive costs compared to high-quality results and outputs. We utilize the available resources, capacity, and tools with ADVISAL from previous researches and consultancies to ensure const-effectiveness. 

        Respect to Deadlines

        Timeliness and proactivity are among our core priorities in dealing with our clients and delivering our results. We provide our clients with regular updates about the implementation progress and anticipate any potential delays to adopt the suitable corrective measure in order to deliver the results on time. 

        Access to Hard-to-Reach Areas

        Our network of field researchers and enumerators is extended to remote and hard to reach areas around Yemen. Reaching participants in research and surveys from all targeted locations by our clients is one of the objectives that we ensure through our extended network.


        Data Protection

        ADVISAL applies strict and Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs) in implementing consultancy services. All information and data collected during field research or obtained from clients are treated in a confidential manner with limited access to the concerned personnel maintaining data-protection management measures. The TOMs cover Document Management and Media Handling, Data Collection and Processing, and Physical Security and Electronic Access Control. 


        Monitoring and Evaluation

        We provide a comprehensive range of M&E services and consultancies adhering to the highest standards of impartiality and independence. Our smart leading data quality assurance protocols and tools ensure that ADVISAL’s deliverables are as reliable as they are accurate

        ADVISAL provides independent and systematic Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) services to donor agencies and UN agencies. We ensure professional and neutral implementation of TPM services with the different stakeholders and implementing partners. The final outputs and results are evidence-based and cross-checked through specific protocols and checklists before sharing with our clients. We have a presence of trained and highly qualified field teams in different geographical areas who work according to ADVISAL’s guidelines and clients’ standards.

        ADVISAL provides consultancy services in conducting different surveys and studies including needs assessments, market assessments, baseline, endline, midline, PDM, on-site monitoring, training assessment and evaluation, and other monitoring and evaluation activities.

        Our monitoring and evaluation team has long experience in humanitarian relief interventions including food security, livelihoods, agriculture, WASH, health, nutrition, protection, shelter, CCCM, cash-based interventions, and peacebuilding. We have long year’s experience in monitoring and evaluation of development projects in water and natural resources, microfinance and business development,  infrastructure rehabilitation and construction, governance, climate change and biodiversity, education, energy, and economic empowerment.

        Research and Studies​

        We conduct high-quality researches in a broad range of fields, from exploring economic and social development barriers to post-conflict reconstruction topics. Our outputs help decision-makers and stakeholders improve their programs and strategies. We ensure mainstreaming different standards including gender, protection, and other standards in all research aspects.

        ADVISAL team of researchers are experienced in mixed research methods in research and studies applying strong protocols for conducting researches and ethical field work guidelines.

        Based on our clients’ needs, ADVISAL team conducts research and studies in different fields relevant to the mandate of international NGOs and UN agencies including women and development, economics, peacebuilding, and other fields. 

        We study aspects of humanitarian, relief and development work to have a role in supporting decision-makers to ensure more relevant, efficient, effective, impact-oriented and sustainable humanitarian and development interventions in Yemen.

        Media and Communication​

        ADVISAL has a team of professional designers, media content developers, and writers. We provide services in designing infographics, developing success stories, and other media materials.

        Training and Capacity Building

        ADVISAL supports NGOs and the private sector in institutional capacity building, project management, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, and reporting.
        We provide technical training in different fields of humanitarian and development programs and private sector development.


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        At ADVISAL, we study aspects of humanitarian and development in Yemen and produce relevant publications and briefs. We are members of global research, monitoring, and evaluation communities and we share resources, events, and updates to our mailing list. Stay connected with us.

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